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My name is Fenix Drag ! 
I am Russian and I live in Russia. My ornaments are made in different styles: Vintage, Gothic, Steampunk, Victorian style (Baroque, Art Nouveau, Rococo and others) and many others. I always like to try myself in something new. My passion is antiques and vintage things. I think that masterpiece doesn't have limitation period, and it is valuable for all time, doesn't matter if it was made long time ago, like thousands years ago, or if it was made nowadays... because master put his soul and spend his valuable time for creating his own masterpiece.
I love unusual natural stones and minerals, wood, leather, shiny crystals, etc. Mostly I work with metal, and commonly use brass. Silver brass has a very high-quality silver plating, it isn't erased, not chipping over time and cleans as usual silver. The product will serve you for many years without losing its appearance of a new product. All this you can see in my jewelry. I have been working for several years, and my handmade jewelry are worn by people all over the world. I will be very glad if viewing or purchase of my jewelry bring joy into your life too!
All products is the result of my handmade. Some of them are done in a single copy (due to the individual characteristics of the stone), that's why I can't repeat it. Another part of my products can be repeated. 
Unfortunately, my site is not translated into English completely. I hope to do so in the near future. At the moment to see some of my products that are available, in English, on the website of "Livemaster":

Other products, the value of which is "Price: 0 R." on the website:
- available for pre-order (production time 3-6 weeks or earlier) 
- or was made in a single copy (status: "not in stock") and shall not be repeated.
Payment is made via PayPal .

You can contact me and ask any questions:
- making a purchase on the website and write in comments Your e-mail address and Your question (in the near future I will answer You);
- write to me on the website "Livemaster" in private messages (can purchase there - how convenient) http://www.livemaster.com/fenixdrag 
- write me a personal message in VK http://vk.com/fenixdrag;
-  email me on the website Etsy a personal message 
( my shop is temporarily closed there, I hope to open it soon. When sending links to other sites on the website Etsy personal messages - profile may be blocked, so while my shop is open there is not better send me the name of the product that You are interested in and Your e-mail that I can reply to You). 
I send products all over the world. Delivery charge - specify. Usually the delivery time to other country from Russia can be from 2 weeks to 45 days (and longer during holidays) - depending on the country of the recipient.
You can check with me the cost of the product in dollars, ask to give a translation of the full text articles in English (products that You are interested in) to ask how much it will cost shipping and delivery in Your country and much more.
 As well planned promotions and discounts - register on the site and stay tuned!